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The Eldercare Resource Articles above are written to help you understand the need for and the process of planning for long term care.
There are four key steps to successful long term care planning.
1. Knowledge & Preparation
2. Proper Funding
3. Using Long Term Care Professionals
4.Creating a Personal Care Plan and Choosing a Care Coordinator
  Southern Trust Mortgage, LLC - Chris Fanney

Chris FanneyDeciding if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you is a big decision. That is where the help of a TRUSTWORTHY and EXPERIENCED professional is valuable. I can explain your options and simplify the process.

With over 17 years of experience in providing Reverse Mortgages to seniors, I am recognized as an industry expert in the Reverse Mortgage field and as a senior I understand the challenges seniors face today.

Mission: To help senior clients, their family, and trusted advisors thoroughly understand the Reverse Mortgage and to make an informed decision about their future and their financial needs.

Never leave the comfort of your home; I will come to you!

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Chris Fanney
Southern Trust Mortgage, LLC

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Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Email: cfanney@southerntrust.com
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 about me

I have made my life work in providing the Reverse Mortgage program to over 1,000''s senior homeowners. I began providing Reverse Mortgages in 1997 and have over 35 years of experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending. I am able to assist the senior homeowner in understanding this great program and the benefits it offers them.

I take great pride in helping homeowners make an informed decision about their options for improving their financial situation and lifestyle. I have a passion for helping people understand how home equity can play a role in cash flow planning in retirement, and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.

I have many past customers who are not only happy with his service, but willingly refer others to me. I attribute this to always doing what is best for the customer and to fully explaining the Reverse Mortgage Program and the process involved.

I am a graduate of The College of William and Mary and a lifelong native of Virginia Beach, VA. My joys are a good round of golf and spending time watching Toby (my wife of 35 years) and his 3 children play tennis.